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Gerry Teekens R.I.P.

With great regret we report that mr. Gerry Teekens, founder and head of Criss Cross Jazz, died on October 31st 2019 at the age of 83.

Gerry Teekens (photo: Ethan Iverson)
Gerry Teekens (photo: Ethan Iverson)

Gerry Teekens' son, Jerry Teekens Jr., has stated: “I myself and my two daughters will try to keep my father’s musical legacy alive, I know that there’s a release in the works, but first we will have to focus on how to deal with the actual loss.”

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Gerry Teekens and Mark Feldman (photo: Kayla Feldman)
Gerry Teekens and Mark Feldman (photo: Kayla Feldman)


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