Criss Cross Jazz 1402 CD

Lage Lund

Terrible Animals

Available: February 15, 2019

Terrible Animals is perhaps the most compositionally ambitious and daringly performed of Lage Lund's five albums on Criss Cross.

Joined by a never-before-convened, top-of-the-pyramid rhythm section (Sullivan Fortner, piano; Larry Grenadier, bass; Tyshawn Sorey, drums) the 39-year-old presents ten far-flung originals that elicit the full measure of their creativity over the 68-minute program, spurring Lund -- who makes ingenious use of effects within his flow -- to some of his most dynamic and varied playing on record.

Criss Cross Jazz 1402 LP

Available as 2-LP set: July 14, 2023

As part of the label's vinyl (re-)release plan the album is now available as 2-LP set (180 grams black vinyl). The album was recorded on April 27, 2018 at the Systems Two Studio in New York. Recording engineer Mike Marciano also did the editing, mixing and mastering at Systems Two. He also did the vinyl mastering for this 2LP issue. The cover drawing on this gatefold 2LP set was made by Robbin Veldman.

Lage Lund
Barcode 8 712474 140220
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1. Hard Eights (Lage Lund)  7:06
2. Aquanaut (Lage Lund)  7:35
3. Suppressions (Lage Lund)  9:25
4. Haitian Ballad (Lage Lund)  7:33
5. Ray Ray (Lage Lund)  10:01
6. Octoberry (Lage Lund)  5:16
7. Brasilia (Lage Lund)  4:52
8. Take It Eas (Lage Lund)  7:08
9. Terrible Animals (Lage Lund)  2:39
10. We Are There Yet (Lage Lund)  6:05

Total Time: 67:46
Recorded April 26, 2018 in New York, NY, USA
Engineer: Michael Marciano (recording / mixing / mastering)
Producer: Gerry Teekens

Terrible Animals LP cover

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Lage Lund