Criss Cross Jazz 1376 CD

Lage Lund


Available: February 17, 2015

Along with label mates Mike Moreno and Adam Rogers, guitarist Lage Lund is one of the most distinctive guitarists on the current scene. His previous three Criss Cross dates have established his credentials as an up and coming talent of great promise.

For his latest effort, he brings back to the fold his close associates Ben Street on bass and Bill Stewart on drums, both heard on Lund's previous sets, Foolhardy (Criss 1360) and Unlikely Stories (Criss 1321).

The difference this time is that he forgoes the piano accompaniment for a bare bones trio approach that is quite refreshing and a further step forward.

The mix includes a few originals and a nicely chosen selection of standards, including the iconic Bobby Hutcherson piece Isn't This My Sound Around Me.

Lage Lund
Barcode 8 712474 137626
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1. Rumspringa (Lage Lund)  7:28
2. Intro To Rain (Lage Lund)  1:48
3. Come Rain Or Come Shine (Harold Arlen / Johnny Mercer)  7:17
4. So In Love (Cole Porter)  6:50
5. Isn't This My Sound Around Me? (Bobby Hutcherson)  5:48
6. Mirrors (Joe Chambers)  5:18
7. Just One Of Those Things (Cole Porter)  5:27
8. Intro To Chance (Lage Lund)  1:36
9. Chance (Kenny Kirkland)  5:36
10. Good Morning Heartache (Irene Higginbotham / Ervin Drake / Dan Fisher)  3:45
11. Straight Street (John Coltrane)  4:05
12. Idlewild (Lage Lund)  8:03

Total Time: 63:07
Recorded November 6, 2014 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Engineer: Michael Marciano (recording / mixing) & Max Ross (mastering)
Producer: Gerry Teekens

Lange Lund