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Yosvany Terry's album Today's Opinion was chosen for Nate Chinen's Top 10 Albums of 2012 in The New York Times (Dec 16, 2012).

Today's Opinion was awarded the first place in The Best Jazz of 2012 list (Dec 26, 2012) by Larry Blumenfeld of

Chip Boaz also included Today's Opinion in his list of Great Latin Jazz Albums From 2012 (Dec 31, 2012).

Brent Black of Critical Jazz published a glowing review (Dec 21, 2012) of Today's Opinion.

Yosvany Terry reports on May 19, 2013:
Hello friends, I am very happy to share some incredible news. I just heard that my latest CD Today's Opinion won the Cuban Jazz Award at Feria Internacional Cubadisco 2013 in Havana, Cuba, where both my parents went to received the prize. I also want to congratulate all my friends that have been nominated in other categories: Yunior Terry, Roman Filiu, Gema Corredera, Manuel Valera, Carlos Cano, Ailem Carbajal and the list goes on and on.

Hola amigos, me siento muy emocionado al compartir estas gratas noticias. Mi último disco Today's Opinion ganó el premio de Jazz Cubano en la Feria Internacional Cubadisco 2013 en la Habana, Cuba. Mis felicitaciones tambien grandes amigos y talentos que fueron nominados en otras categorias: Yunior Terry, Gema Corredera, Manuel Valera, Ailem Carbajal, Carlos Cano entre otros. Felicidades a todos, se que han estado trabajando muy intensamente.

Yosvany Terry reports on October 16, 2013:
Hello friends, I would like to share a great news. I was awarded with the prestigious "Cintas Fellowship 2013" for composers. This is the most important recognition to composers of Cuban descend. This award had been given in the past to a long line of honorable composers such as: Julián Orbón, Tania León, Orlando Jacinto García, Mario Bauzá, Carlos Puig, Keila Orozco, Ailem Carbajal ..etc. I feel honored to be along this incredible musicians that I admire. (News link)

Hola amigos. les escribo para compartir la buena noticia; fuí seleccionado ganador del Premio Cintas de composición ("Cintas Fellowship") que le otorgan a compositores de descendencia cubana. Es para mi un gran honor formar parte de la honorable lista de compositores que lo han recibido anteriormente, entre ellos: Julián Orbón, Tania Leon, Orlando Jancinto Garcia, Mario Bauza, Carlos Puig, Keila Orozco, Ailem Carbajal ..etc. Me llena de una sincera satisfacion el recibir este reconocimiento tan importante. (News link)

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