Criss Cross Jazz 1285 CD

David Binney

Cities And Desire

Available: September 19, 2006

With Cities and Desire, his second Criss Cross release, alto saxophonist-composer David Binney presents an intense, well-knit suite of compositions informed by the sounds and signals he's absorbed while traveling through such cities as Lisbon, London, Toronto, Rome, Montreal, as well as his birthplace (Miami), his hometown (Los Angeles), his present home (New York), and the beach community of Carpinteria (CA).

Returning from Bastion of Sanity, his inaugural Criss Cross session, are bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer-tablist Dan Weiss; tenor saxophonist Mark Turner and pianist Craig Taborn are creative foils par excellence.

David Binney
Barcode 8 712474 128525
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1. Lisbon (David Binney)  3:40
2. London (David Binney)  10:36
3. Intro To Toronto (David Binney)  4:01
4. Toronto (David Binney)  8:44
5. Los Angeles (David Binney)  6:57
6. Intro To Carpinteria (David Binney)  2:16
7. Carpinteria (David Binney)  3:43
8. Intro To Rome (David Binney)  3:57
9. Rome (David Binney)  9:12
10. Montreal (David Binney)  4:36
11. Intro To Miami (David Binney)  1:01
12. Miami (David Binney)  9:22
13. New York City (David Binney)  7:38

Total Time: 75:52
Recorded March 18, 2006 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Engineer: Max Bolleman & The Masters (mastering)
Producer: Gerry Teekens & K. Hasselpflug (executive)