Criss Cross Jazz 1284 CD

David Kikoski


Available: September 19, 2006

Limits is pianist David Kikoski's seventh and perhaps most ambitious recording for Criss Cross.

Helping the leader navigate seven harmonically rich originals with melodies that stick are tenor saxophonist Seamus Blake, who performed on two previous Kikoski quartet sessions, and the incomparable bass-drum team of Larry Grenadier and Bill Stewart, each a musician with tonal personalities defined by limitless imagination. All are in peak form.

David Kikoski
Barcode 8 712474 128426
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1. Growth (David Kikoski)  7:22
2. Kaye And Moose Part I (David Kikoski)  3:56
3. Duane Reade (David Kikoski)  10:45
4. As It Happens (David Kikoski)  9:10
5. Ping Ponging (David Kikoski)  8:43
6. Limits (David Kikoski)  8:21
7. Not The Only Hurting One (David Kikoski)  7:14
8. Healing Time (David Kikoski)  8:13
9. Kaye And Moose Part II (David Kikoski)  3:22

Total Time: 67:12
Recorded December 7, 2005 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Engineer: Max Bolleman & The Masters (mastering)
Producer: Gerry Teekens & K. Hasselpflug (executive)