Criss Cross Jazz 1242 CD

Adam Rogers


Available: September 15, 2003

Following up on his strong 2002 debut, Art of the Invisible, guitarist Adam Rogers returns with the remarkable Allegory.

The lineup from the first record, pianist Edward Simon, bassist Scott Colley, drummer Clarence Penn, remains in place. But as if that weren't enough, tenor saxophonist Chris Potter joins to generate even more improvisational heat.

Rogers once again proves himself to be one of the most musical, technically gifted players on the scene.

His wholly original program ranges from the acoustic ballad Red Leaves to the dizzyingly complex New Fast to the haunting, hard swinging Phyrigia.

Adam Rogers
Barcode 8 712474 1242 20
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1. Confluence (Adam Rogers)  8:19
2. Phyrigia (Adam Rogers)  10:01
3. Was (Adam Rogers)  4:07
4. Genghis (Adam Rogers)  7:53
5. Angle Of Repose (Adam Rogers)  3:50
6. Orpheus (Adam Rogers)  9:48
7. Red Leaves (Adam Rogers)  7:03
8. Cleveland (Adam Rogers)  8:46
9. Purpose (Adam Rogers)  9:06
10. Angle Of Repose (Reprise) (Adam Rogers)  3:56

Total Time: 72:55
Recorded December 21, 2002 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Engineer: Max Bolleman
Producer: Gerry Teekens & K. Hasselpflug (executive)