Criss Cross Jazz 1386 CD

Donald Edwards

Prelude To Real Life

Available: February 26, 2016

On his second Criss Cross leader date, Prelude to Real Life, drummer Donald Edwards picks up where he left off with the next installment of an autobiographical narrative in notes and tones.

Whereas in his debut, Evolution of an Influenced Mind (Criss 1365), Edwards conveyed the story of his formative years as a musician with eleven original compositions, here he addresses themes of love, family and fatherhood with an engaging suite comprising six kinetic, diverse originals of his and one by Alex Sipiagin, two personalized standards (Thelonious Monk's Skippy; Benny Golson's Stablemates); and three textural drum interludes.

Rejoining him from the first date are pianist Orrin Evans and tenor saxophonist Walter Smith III, both Criss Cross veterans, guitarist David Gilmore, while rising star Luques Curtis assuming the bass chair. Edwards' old friend Nicholas Payton plays keyboards on three tracks, and eminent New York singer Vivian Sessoms lends her voice to three selections.

Edwards unifies the proceedings with the big beat, impeccable taste, and creative spirit that have made him a New York first-caller since he moved to the Apple 15 years ago.

Donald Edwards
Barcode 8 712474 138623
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Donald Edwards (D)
Walter Smith III (Ts)
David Gilmore (G)
Orrin Evans (P)
Luques Curtis (B)
Nicholas Payton (Fender Rhodes /
P / Org) [1,3,6]
Vivian Sessoms (Vc) [3,5,10]
Antoine Drye (Tp) [12]

1. Taking Shape (Donald Edwards)  1:57
2. Incantation (Donald Edwards)  6:22
3. Hop Scotch (Donald Edwards)  1:00
4. Apple Street (Donald Edwards)  8:08
5. Way To Her (Alex Sipiagin)  8:06
6. King (Donald Edwards)  0:37
7. Queen And The Princess (Donald Edwards)  7:36
8. Stablemates (Benny Golson)  7:57
9. Beautiful Intuition (Donald Edwards)  8:55
10. Thought For The Day (Donald Edwards)  6:56
11. Skippy (Thelonious Monk)  4:33
12. Prelude To Real Life (Donald Edwards / Ben Wolfe)  4:47

Total Time: 67:12
Recorded September 14, 2015 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Engineer: Michael Marciano (recording) & David Darlington (mixing / mastering) & Matt Bauer (recording) [5,10] & Chris Parks (recording) [3] & David Stoller (recording) [1,3,6] & David Darlington (recording) [1,3,5,12]
Producer: Gerry Teekens