Criss Cross Jazz 1381 CD

The Rodriguez Brothers


Available: May 12, 2015

A working unit since 2002, The Rodriguez Brothers -- trumpeter Michael Rodriguez (Reverence - Criss 1356) and pianist Robert Rodriguez -- present their kinetic, masterfully rendered concept of "Jazz Latin," incorporating traditional and modern Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, bolero and hardcore jazz flavors.

The brothers, each in their mid-thirties, are virtuoso storytellers on their respective instruments, as are their generational peer group bandmates Carlos Henriquez (the bassist with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra since the early '00s after several years with Gonzalo Rubalcaba), Cuban traps drummer Ludwig Afonso, and the eminent Columbian-born percussionist Samuel Torres.

The Rodriguez Brothers
Barcode 8 712474 138128
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Michael Rodriguez (Tp / Flh /
Pandeiro [5] / Perc [8])
Robert Rodriguez (P / Perc [8])
Carlos Henriquez (B)
Ludwig Afonso (D)
Samuel Torres (Congas / Perc)
Roberto Rodriguez (D) [8]

1. Impromptu (Michael Rodriguez)  8:36
2. La Guaracha (Robert Rodriguez)  6:13
3. Fragment (Robert Rodriguez)  6:51
4. Descargation (Michael Rodriguez)  9:11
5. Love Samba (Robert Rodriguez)  7:24
6. Latin Jacks (Michael Rodriguez)  7:53
7. Tu Mi Delirio (César Portillo de la Luz)  6:17
8. Minor Things (Robert Rodriguez)  6:46

Total Time: 59:31
Recorded October 31, 2014 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Engineer: Michael Marciano (recording) & Max Ross (mixing / mastering)
Producer: Gerry Teekens

Robert Rodriguez, Michael Rodriguez