Criss Cross Jazz 1352 CD

Conrad Herwig

A Voice Through The Door

Available: September 25, 2012

It would be fellow Criss Cross associate Walt Weiskopf who would bring Conrad Herwig into the label's fold back in 1992. The trombonist would then go on to record his own Criss Cross debut, Heart of Darkness (Criss 1155) in 1998. Now some 15 years into his tenure, Herwig has recorded eight remarkable and engagingly diverse albums with A Voice Through the Door being his latest breakthrough.

Highlighting a distinguished composer, this inspired recital includes seven new Herwig originals along with a reworking of the standard All or Nothing At All.

The emphasis is on shared communication, an aspect that is clearly evident through Herwig's long track record with pianist Orrin Evans and drummer Donald Edwards.

Adding something new to the mix, however, are new associations with tenor man Ralph Bowen and bassist Kenny Davis, themselves frequent collaborators going back to their days with the band Out of the Blue.

Conrad Herwig
Barcode 8 712474 135226
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1. A Voice Through The Door (Conrad Herwig)  5:40
2. Traceless Moon (Conrad Herwig)  8:04
3. The Sun Within (Conrad Herwig)  8:52
4. Morning Shade (Conrad Herwig)  6:52
5. Water Rising Into Mist (Conrad Herwig)  7:13
6. All Or Nothing At All (Arthur Altman / Jack Lawrence)  7:05
7. Thorn Witness (Conrad Herwig)  8:09
8. Free Action Reaction (Conrad Herwig)  9:14

Total Time: 61:14
Recorded January 27, 2012 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Engineer: Michael Marciano (recording / mixing / mastering)
Producer: Gerry Teekens