Criss Cross Jazz 1348 CD

Luis Perdomo

The 'Infancia' Project

Available: May 15, 2012

This time the exceptional pianist Luis Perdomo reaches back to the earliest influences he grew up listening to: South American and Afro Caribbean Rhythms, on this, his second outing for Criss Cross Jazz: The 'Infancia' Project.

Luis has handpicked a well balanced and stellar band to back him up: two players of the new generation with fresh ideas and concepts, Mark Shim on tenor saxophone and virtuoso percussionist Mauricio Herrera, plus two very influential legends deeply rooted in the tradition: bassist Andy Gonzalez and drummer Ignacio Berroa.

With The 'Infancia' Project Luis Perdomo further establishes himself as a resourceful master musician and bandleader.

Luis Perdomo
Barcode 8 712474 134823
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Luis Perdomo (P / Fender Rhodes)
Mark Shim (Ts)
Andy Gonzalez (B)
Ignacio Berroa (D)
Mauricio Herrera (Perc)

1. The Other Left (Luis Perdomo)  7:22
2. Berimvela (Luis Perdomo)  6:34
3. Solar (Miles Davis)  4:54
4. Happy House (Ornette Coleman)  4:48
5. Comedia (José Ángel Espinoza)  7:19
6. Un Poco Loco (Bud Powell)  6:18
7. Meggido Girl (Luis Perdomo)  7:06
8. Mind And Time (Luis Perdomo)  5:56
9. Major General (Jack DeJohnette)  6:59

Total Time: 57:22
Recorded January 26, 2012 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Engineer: Michael Marciano (recording / mixing / mastering)
Producer: Gerry Teekens