Criss Cross Jazz 1267 CD

Edward Simon


Available: April 26, 2005

Perhaps no contemporary pianist blends Latin and Jazz vocabulary with the deftness and fluency of Ed Simon, who demonstrates the point on his second Criss Cross outing.

Bassist Avishai Cohen and drummer Adam Cruz, both equally versed in the art of telling stories in swing and clave, join Simon on a program of six originals and a standard You're My Everything.

Guitarist Adam Rogers, himself a Criss Cross artist, and vocalist Luciana Souza augment the trio on the tune Unknown Path.

Edward Simon
Barcode 8 712474 1267 29
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Edward Simon (P)
Avishai Cohen (B)
Adam Cruz (D / Steel D)
Luciana Souza (Vc)
Adam Rogers (G)
Pernell Saturnino (Perc)

1. Opening (Edward Simon)  0:21
2. Infinite One (Edward Simon)  7:08
3. Not So Unique (Luciana Souza)  5:10
4. You're My Everything I (Harry Warren)  8:50
5. Simplicity (Edward Simon)  5:10
6. Fiestas (Edward Simon)  5:25
7. Unknown Path (Edward Simon)  4:15
8. Fiestas (reprise) (Edward Simon)  2:47
9. You're My Everything II (Harry Warren)  7:08
10. South Facing (M. Buckley)  9:11
11. Exit (Edward Simon)  1:17

Total Time: 56:49
Recorded May 3, 2004 in Brooklyn, NY, USA by Max Bolleman