Criss Cross Jazz 1236 CD

Alex Sipiagin


Available: May 8, 2003

This is Russian trumpet star Alex Sipiagin's third outing on Criss Cross.

This time, as before, in the company of a group of New York jazz greats: tenorist Seamus Blake and guitarist Adam Rogers plus a rhythm section consisting of piano star David Kikoski, with bassist Boris Kozlov, and drummer Jonathan Blake.

Listen to the beautiful rendition of "Travel", a piece composed and arranged by Alex Sipiagin and dedicated to bassist Dave Holland.

The CD offers five Sipiagin originals and one Charles Mingus composition "Tijuana Gift Shop".

Alex Sipiagin
Barcode 8 712474 123629
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1. Def I (Alex Sipiagin)  6:29
2. Tijuana Gift Shop (Charles Mingus)  8:40
3. Travel (Alex Sipiagin)  13:17
4. Crossing (Alex Sipiagin)  9:28
5. Mirror (Alex Sipiagin)  9:22
6. Def II (Alex Sipiagin)  7:44
7. Mood One (Alex Sipiagin)  9:40

Total Time: 64:45
Recorded June 2, 2002 in Brooklyn, NY, USA by Max Bolleman