Criss Cross Jazz 1289 CD

David Binney & Edward Simon


Available: February 12, 2007

Each a Criss Cross leader, pianist Edward Simon < The Process (Criss 1229) and Simplicitas (Criss 1267) > and alto saxophonist David Binney < Bastion of Sanity (Criss 1261) and Cities and Desire (Criss 1285) >, who have worked together on numerous projects since 1989, present their first collaborative effort for the label, comprising eight emotion-packed, rhythmically vibrant tunes by Binney, Simon, and bassist Scott Colley.

Propelled by the extraordinarily nuanced, intuitive playing of Colley and drummer Brian Blade, the instrument-like voice of Luciana Souza, and tonal color from guitarist Adam Rogers and brassmen Shane Endsley, Jesse Newman and Alan Ferber, plus percussionist Pernell Saturnino, the co-leaders solo with rigorous compositional sensibility that only serves to highlight the deep soulfulness and virtuosic chops that make them major forces in 21st century jazz

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Barcode 8 712474 128921
1. We Dream Oceans (David Binney)  7:28
2. Impossible Question (Edward Simon)  9:11
3. Amnesia (Scott Colley)  9:55
4. El Parrandero (David Binney)  7:32
5. Govinda (Edward Simon)  5:09
6. Twenty Four Miles To Go (David Binney)  6:19
7. Impossible Question Reprise (Edward Simon)  3:33
8. Home (David Binney)  7:29

Total Time: 56:58
Recorded October 18, 2004 in Brooklyn, NY, USA by Max Bolleman

David Binney (As)
Edward Simon (P)
Scott Colley (B)
Brian Blade (D)
Luciana Souza (Vc)
Adam Rogers (G)
Shane Endsley (Tp)
Jesse Newman (Tp)
Alan Ferber (Tb)
Pernell Saturnino (Perc)

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