Criss Cross Jazz 1223 CD

Adam Rogers Quartet

Art Of The Invisible

Available: June 1, 2002

Rare is the debut album that presents a vision so mature and cosmopolitan as that expressed by guitarist Adam Rogers on Art Of The Invisible. Nor is it a commonplace for any musician to realize their concept with the authority and elegance Rogers imparts to the entire program.

The A-list rhythm section, pianist Ed Simon, bassist Scott Colley, and drummer Clarence Penn, are fully in synch throughout a varied program.

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Barcode 8 712474 122325
play 1. Long Ago And Far Away (Jerome Kern)  6:31
play 2. Absalom (Adam Rogers)  7:53
play 3. Bobo (Adam Rogers)  6:41
play 4. The Aleph (Adam Rogers)  5:30
play 5. The Invisible (Adam Rogers)  6:31
play 6. Cathedral (Adam Rogers)  6:54
play 7. Book Of Sand (Adam Rogers)  7:54
play 8. In Broad Daylight (Adam Rogers)  6:27
play 9. The Unvanquished (Adam Rogers)  6:37

play Total Time: 61:03
Recorded December 13, 2001 in Brooklyn, NY, USA by Max Bolleman

Adam Rogers (G)
Edward Simon (P)
Scott Colley (B)
Clarence Penn (D)

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